How long have you been a Trustee?

Three years.

How did you first hear about Hebron?

It is a rehab in the parish that I am the Vicar of.

What were your first impressions when you visited?

The sense of commitment from the staff. There is no one there for whom Hebron is just a job.

What about Hebron are you most proud of?

Our residents. To engage with recovery means facing both your own actions and brokenness, as well as the things that have happened to you. It takes fearless honesty as well as hope. The women who engage in that process together inspire me and have taught me a lot about living more and more honestly.

When describing Hebron House to people who haven’t heard of it what messages are you keen to get across?

Hebron succeeds because it is a community of people committed to each other’s recovery. Both staff and residents work hard and the transformations we see are hard won.

Hebron is a charity. How does it fundraise and has it been impacted by the current pandemic?

We have been blessed in that despite running with fewer residents and at one point no residents, our finances held up in extraordinary ways. Grant funding and donations have kept us going through a year that could have tested us far more. The funding available for this work means we are always wondering how we can maintain the service with the resources available and yet somehow we do!

What expertise do you bring to the Board of Trustees?

I am a Vicar who has their own experience of addiction and recovery and I do a weekly session on spirituality and the 12 steps. So a little professional skill (how much is up for debate) and some lived experience of addiction and recovery. In fact, I think the contribution which is most important is one I make with the other Trustees (so not unique to me at all) in that I have reason to hope for the recovery of our residents. Hope may not be a skill but it is the most important gift we bring.

If you only had three words to describe Hebron House and the work it does what would they be?

Community. Recovery. Hope.