Is Hebron House the right place for me?

You are the only person who can answer this question. Do you want to stop drinking or using drugs? Do you know that you need help to stop and stay sober and drug free?

Hebron House is drug and alcohol free. This means that you will not be able to use drugs or drink alcohol and may be asked to leave if you do.

In addition to alcohol, the most common drugs of choice are heroin, benzodiazepines and stimulants. Many women have also used methadone and often more than one of these substances.

On admission, you will need to be drug and alcohol free – following an inpatient or home detox if required.

Where is Hebron House?

It is in a quiet suburb of the city of Norwich. Norwich is surrounded by countryside, rivers and lakes (The Norfolk Broads) and about 20 minutes from the sea. It is very close to train station and only two hours from central London.

Hebron House is a comfortable building with a secluded garden, large rooms and space for 10 women to live together. It provides a physically and emotionally safe place to make changes and begin to live a drug and alcohol free life.

What will happen while I’m there?

The structure of treatment, care and rehabilitation is flexible to support you in your own choices. You are free to leave at any time and are encouraged to negotiate your own goals and length of stay.

We find that people who stay for more than 3 months are more likely to maintain a stable, drug and alcohol free lifestyle after leaving and most women stay for around 5-6 months in order to get full benefit from the programme.

After a brief induction period, designed to help you settle into the daily routine, you will be allocated a Keyworker who will oversee all aspects of your placement.

Hebron provides a variety of groups to help build your recovery. As the programme is based on The 12 Steps to Recovery, there are several groups based on these, as well as Relapse Prevention, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), relationships groups and self esteem course, community Meetings and leisure based activities such as swimming, art and badminton.

Structured one to one work will be with your Keyworker. This consists of a mixture of counselling and teaching. There is also ‘homework’ to be competed between sessions. The purpose of counselling is to support and help you in day to day life without drugs or alcohol. Other issues may also be included as agreed between you.


If you would like to take advantage of our rehabilitation support, please download and complete our application form.