Kind words from our clients

“While in Hebron I had the chance to put life on pause and take a good long look at my behaviour and work things out in my head”

“When I first knew I was going to rehab I imagined it to be very clinical and institutionalised. Hebron couldn’t have been more different. The atmosphere was so loving and kind, like a family – not a treatment centre”

“Hebron has saved my life and taught me tools to help me sustain it”

“My first impression of Hebron was how warm and friendly the house felt and couldn’t wait to tell my drug worker that I would like to do my rehab here”

“When I came to Hebron I was totally broken – my mind, body and spirit was in pieces. You have helped me to become strong and believe in myself. Through my time at Hebron, I now have hope for a better and more positive future”

“I was a mess when I first came to Hebron, but now as I’m leaving I feel a much better person. I know my girls are proud of the work Hebron have done with me – I’m going back to them as a mum and a nan, not a drunk”

“[My keyworker] was – caring, understanding and lovely. [My sessions] were honest and non-judgemental. I felt safe”

“All the staff are very caring and understanding and are there 24/7. All the staff are different and always one of them could help”

“I am happy and grateful for everything Hebron has done for me. I am lucky to have had a place at Hebron”

“I felt it put some structure back into my life”

“[The staff] have a great understanding of addiction and were compassionate around my problems”

“It has turned my life around and helped me believe in myself and that I can recover from addiction”

“Thank you … for the wonderful work you do there and helping Sarah on her journey where she is today. Sarah’s mum”

“[The staff] were all supportive of each other and make a good team”

“I would like to say that my time at Hebron was a memorable one and it has made me a better person”

“I do not think I would have much of a future without Hebron”

“I can’t thank you enough for the way you have all helped me. Just to want to be alive is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for”

“Just a little note to let you know I am still sober … I am working as a Housekeeper Support Worker … I will always, as ever, be grateful for your help in making all this possible”

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me – you have help me find a new way of life”

“I would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers for giving me this amazing opportunity … I am so so grateful to each and everyone of those people. Thank you”

“Thank you … for showing me I can be loved just for me”

“You’ve all helped me save my life … I can’t express my gratitude to you all for helping me to believe in myself again”